Engaging the Balkans through Fellowship and Community
​ Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things
Through The Love Of God
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Welcome to Galloway Ministries

Chance and Dee Dee Galloway are missionaries in the Balkans. They believe in training leaders and helping the broken (poor). They founded and oversee the International Fellowship of Saint John which is a 501c3 in the United States and Non-governmental organization (NGO) in the European Union.

International Fellowship of Saint John oversees the following Projects:

  • Church Planting Project- Planted 35 churches in the Balkans
  • Agriculture Project- Feeding the hungry and training others how to farm
  • Saint John Home- protecting vulnerable girls from human trafficking
  • Saint John Training Center- Bible schools that teach a foundation in the Word of God
  • Leadership Development – Teaching, training, and equipping servant leaders


They believe the heart of ministry is loving and encouraging people even when they don’t believe in themselves. Seeing the God given potential in people and serving them to fulfill their purpose.

International Fellowship of St. John

Located in Bulgaria, they are leaders in Europe, where they plant churches,
mentor communities, provide homes to at-risk girls, raise up pastors, and
help communities become agriculturally self-sustaining.
To support our projects in the Balkans, go to  www.ifosj.com

Saint John's Girls Home

The Roma are an ethnic group in Bulgaria that has suffered persecution for generations. 

Become A Partner

Donations made through this website supports the Galloways personally.