About Us

Chance Galloway

  • 25 years in ministry to the less fortunate in the US and Europe
  • Ordained Minister
  • Co-Founder and Director of International Fellowship of Saint John Foundation
  • Ordained member of the Order of Saint Leonard

​Dee Dee Galloway

  • 25 years in ministry to children and the less fortunate
  • Ordained Minister
  • Administrator of International Fellowship of Saint John Foundation
  • Ordained member of the Order of Saint Leonard
  • Team leader of the missionaries in the Balkans

Chance and Dee Dee’s Adventure to Bulgaria

Chance and Dee Dee Galloway have had a heart for ministry since they were first married. They both came to know God and had a heart to share the radical, life-altering experience with others. They have always had a heart to help those that are hurting and need a second chance.

They began their life of ministry at Valley Rescue Mission, a local homeless shelter in Columbus, Georgia. They lived on site and ministered for almost 4 years at the shelter. During the time there, Dee Dee was diagnosed, while pregnant, with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She chose the life of the child and her daughter Catherine is now a university student in the US.

Chance and Dee Dee have been connected in ministry with: International Covenant Ministries, Evangel Fellowship, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Christian School and Christ Community Church.

In 2008, Chance and Dee Dee went on their first short-term mission’s trip to Greece and spent only a day or two in Bulgaria with a church in a Roma village. After returning home, they wished to come again and spend a bit more time in Bulgaria.

They brought their 14-year-old son back the next year (2009) for a short-term mission’s trip entirely in Bulgaria, also in a Roma community but this time working with teenagers. They, and their son, knew as soon as they left, they would be returning to Bulgaria one day.

They began the process of moving their family to Bulgaria. The process began with lots of prayer, fundraising, quitting their jobs, selling their home, and loads of paperwork.

On Nov. 2, 2011, they left America with only a suitcase apiece, and flew to Bulgaria to begin their adventure.